Zoe, A League of Legends Discord Bot

Zoe is a Discord bot that provides an information panel in a text channel. This information panel provides information about the players in a game, it allows you to see at a glance who is available to play a game. It also provides information on current games such as played champions, soloq rank or winrate with a played champion.

Available in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Turkish and Portuguese/BR. Translation are done by the community.

All theses features work with TFT (except for match information messages).

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NEW! Leaderboard feature

You can create leaderboards! This will allow you to compare different stats with other registered players.

Example of a leaderboard
Example of a leaderboard about rank

Core Feature : Info Channel

Once the information panel is configured, Zoe allows you to see stats about your friends and if they are in game in a few seconds.

Example of a control panel
Example of an information panel

To much information for you ? You can choose to display less information with the command ">config" : Example

Zoe will also create "information cards" on current games by giving different statistics about players.

Example of a InfoCard
Example of a InfoCard

Core Feature : Ranked Channel

Once the ranked channel is configured, Zoe will send inside notifications after the ranked games of registered players.

Example of a control panel
Example of notification sended after a win

Zoe also informs you about the progress of the current BOs

Example of a control panel
Example of notification sended after a lose in a BO3


Add the bot to your server

First, add Zoe to your discord server. Zoe will send a first setup message to configure language and basic option in a available channel.

Configure the information channel

To create an information channel managed by the bot, do the command ">create infoChannel nameOfTheChannel". The channel will be created and an empty message will be sent in it.

Add Players

To add players, you just have to do the command: ">create player @mentionOfPlayer (Region) (SummonerName)". You can delete a player from the panel with the command ">delete player @mentionOfPlayer".


After adding several players, you may want to group them into teams. To create a team, do the command: ">create team TeamName". Once this is done, you can add players to the team with this command: ">add playerToTeam @MentionOfPlayer (TeamName)".

Control panel with a team
Control panel with a team


Use the command ">config" to configure how Zoe works so that it is adapted to your server.


You can show some stats about a player with the command ">stats profile @mentionOfPlayer".


And more...

All commands can be found with the command ">help". You can also have a start guide with the command ">setup".

Need Help ?

A support server exist to help you if you have any issue with the bot.

Legal Info

Zoe isn't endorsed by Riot Games and doesn't reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends. League of Legends and Riot Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. League of Legends © Riot Games, Inc.

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